The Hot Yoga Experience

Part 1

Right now, I’m going through a stressful time in my life. Not to mention…it’s also the holiday season.

Getting through the holiday season is one thing but adding life’s obstacles can make it even tougher.

So, to stay sane and calm through all of this, I have turned heavily to three things:

While I have good moments and tough moments all within a day, I’ve relied heavily on just trusting my instincts and focusing on my breaths at moments of frustration. But, a few weeks ago I discovered a healthy outlet that is so beneficial if you’re going through some hard times.

Here’s the first part out of three, of my story about Hot Yoga…

On a cloudy Sunday morning I was at home, in my office, sitting crosslegged on the floor. Earbuds in, listening to a 45 minute guided meditation about how to connect with my spirit guides.

I felt like I was completely hypnotized. My imagination ran wild and I envisioned three spirit guides plus a coyote.

Okay, I know that this might make me sound crazy. Trust me, a few years ago I would’ve thought this would be all nonsense or a really active imagination.

But after months of practicing mediation I hit this weird place where I could feel myself going deeper and not overthinking things. So, when this happened, (even though I know it might sounds crazy,) I decided e to accept it and take it for what I feel it was.

When I came out of the mediation, I immediately had one of the strongest urges to go to a hot yoga class.

Hot yoga is something that I’ve always heard of, always wanted to try…but was always hesitant about.

I would hear people say, “It feels like you’re going to DIE! But then afterwards….you’ll love it!”

The part, “feels like you’re going to DIE” is the part that made me hesitate to commit to a class. I didn’t want to be that sweaty girl who ran out of the class because I couldn’t handle the heat.

Years before, I had been to a few yoga classes. I know, it’s a chill environment but I’ve never been in a situation where I would feel like I would die.

So, I’ve always been curious…but honestly never felt I would actually do it….until this day.

As I was still sitting on the floor of my office, and the urge to go to hot yoga entered my brain. The vision of the road side sign of “$5 Yoga Class! Sunday Morning!” popped into my head. I saw this sign about 2 weeks ago, as we were leaving the neighborhood pizza joint.

“It was nearby…maybe they still have that $5 class going on!” I thought as I picked up my phone to google it.

 Cooper Moon Yoga Studio appeared in the search results. I clicked on it, went to the calendar and the $5 class was over.

But… low and behold a hot yoga class was starting in 20 minutes!

I didn’t give myself time to talk my way out of it. I didn’t care about the price, I didn’t care about what it would be like. Instead, I just cared on making the class on time.

I frantically dug around my dresser drawers for workout clothes to put on. I grabbed my old and worn orange yoga mat from my office, slipped on my sandals and went out the door.

5 minutes later, I was in the parking lot, with my car idling. My anxiety was beginning to rise to the surface. My heart was loudly pounding, vibrating throughout my chest and beating in my ears.

I had 10 minutes. So I decided to spend one of those minutes calming my body down.

I relaxed my shoulders and breathed.

In. Out.

In and out.


I tried to not think about anything other than the feeling in my chest and making it slow down. After the minute, I was still felt anxious…but not as bad as before.

“Don’t think about it. Just do it.” I thought to myself as I pulled myself up out of my car. “Just breathe and relax” I thought again as I walked towards the front door of Cooper Moon Yoga Studio.

You know you might have a huge anxiety problem, when you have to calm yourself down to walk into a yoga studio, right?

Behind the counter,stood a smiling woman and a smooth skinned square jawline man, who looked like he was the yoga instructor. After pleasant greetings, I found myself admittedly blurting out, “I haven’t been to a yoga in years!”

They welcomed me back and Tina, the woman behind the cash register (who I would later find out was the owner) gave me a towel and explained to cover my mat with it, so I don’t slide from the sweat dripping.

And with that, I put my shoes up on the shelf next to the yoga room, slid open the heavy wooden door to the hot room and stepped in.

To be continued….

Labor Day in Phoenix

Walking into the Frys grocery store, the red plastic awning was stretched out in front calling customer’s attention from the parking lot.

The closer I approach to the entrance of the automatic sliding doors, the smell of barbeque flows under my nose. The loudspeaker blaring a familiar song that I’m sure has the words, “USA” somewhere….is playing in the air.

The last summer holiday weekend is here and everything you need for a great party is just inside these set of doors. The ribs being cooked outside under the speakers, are just $6.99 a pound.

Thoughts fill my head.

Thick green blades of grass filling up a back yard. A game of friendly competitive cornhole being played among friends drinking out of red solo cups. The smell of that barbeque drifting from the smoky grill, off to the side of the cornhole game.

Kids wearing goggles and floaties along their arms, jumping in unison into a bright blue refreshing pool. At the table on the patio more friends sitting around with their red solo cups, smiling and laughing.

And in this backyard, somewhere in the background, a song playing. A familiar song that you are sure will say USA at some point.

This is how the perfect Labor Day weekend is sold to us. Friends gathering outside. Eating ribs, chicken, burgers or brats. Anything that is cooked on a grill. Cold fruit and cold drinks sitting around a cold pool.

This is the last official holiday weekend of the summer, so you need to enjoy every second of it.

As this daydream dissolves from my mind, I feel sweat forming on the back of my neck. The sliding glass doors open and I walked through feeling instant relief of the air conditioning blowing upon my warm skin.

The reality of my situation sets in.

In Phoenix, Arizona there are no smiling faces playing cornhole in a backyard filled with grass. The truth is….is that it’s just too damn hot.

And while yes, I will be making ribs this weekend. But I will be eating those ribs, inside my air-conditioned house…while watching Mind Hunters on NetFlix.

Labor Day is a sign that summer is almost over. And here in Phoenix, we can’t wait until that’s a proven fact.

Because the truth is….in a few months when everyone is stuck inside due to cold weather and snow, us Phoenicians will be out grilling and enjoying a game of cornhole on a winter’s day.

No holiday needed for that event. No marketing tactics needed to sell us the perfect barbeque party.

I for one, can’t wait.